Tietokettu - Dedicated

Coming soon!

Dedicated servers are not yet available for purchase, but they will probably go on sale in the summer of 2022. Our goal is to make servers cheap and efficient, but still with a lot of choice. We solved this problem by not selling official packages or only different server machine entities.

The servers will use different HDD/SAS/SSD technologies, so that there will certainly be plenty of choice in the packages. The machines also include DDR3/DDR4 memory technology to varying degrees, so that we could also offer affordable packages.

We all know how fun it is to always find and explore something new. Because of this, our server page will be automatically updated according to our inventory. The server solutions are also varied, and thus any good server contracts can appear on the page at any time. So you should actively keep an eye on the page.

The biggest influencing factor is always the price. For this reason, we want to offer servers at an affordable price, so that our customers can consider us as a viable option in the future as well. The range of our prices will be 15-80€ according to plan.