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Our unwavering commitment to exceptional Web Hosting services

Tietokettu.net - Kimi Syrjä

Kimi Syrjä

Kimi is the founder of the company and is responsible for Tietoketu's marketing, partnerships, sales, and information technology. He's a jack-of-all-trades.

+358 442042526

Tietokettu.net - Kasper Rajamäki

Kasper Rajamäki

Kasper is your technical buddy for all your technical troubles! He's the one who can find the perfect product or service tailored to your needs.

+358 402188365

Tietokettu.net - Johann Koivunen

Johann Koivunen

Johann is our technical wizard and customer service representative who solves your problems and ensures the smoothness of our payment processes!

+358 456469922

Unveiling Our Identity

We want to create a service where convenience comes first!

It is very important to us that the product purchased from us works and that its use is pleasant and easy. In addition to all this, the product must be affordable so that it could be an option for every private and business customer, regardless of size. It must be suitable for small and large. It has to be fast and it has to solve the customer's problems. With the help of these ideas, we produce an affordable but ingenious product for our customers.

We also think a lot about how we can produce our services as environmentally friendly as possible. We share the concern about climate change and its impact on the association. That's why we strive to choose and purchase products as environmentally friendly as possible and to use the devices until the end of their life.

You can be sure that we are a responsible partner with whom cooperation is smooth and worthwhile.
Tietokettu.net - We want to create a service where convenience comes first!


We contact the customer or arrange a meeting with her to discuss her needs.


We have a lot of product packages from small to large, which makes our service adapt to every customer.

Raw model

Based on the customer's wishes, we make a raw model of the desired product, and we strive to make it the most scalable plan


Together, we examine the raw model and tailor it to the customer's appearance according to her wishes.

Fine adjustment

We make small finishing touches to the final product and make sure that the product works as expected and we try to look for possible problems.


If the product pleases the customer and no major problems have arisen in using the product, the product is ready to be published!

Growth Story

This is where it all began


Kimi established Tietokettu 4H company, with the dream of operating his own business in the server rental industry. At that time, the company only sold Web Hosting products.


Tietokettu expanded its product range to include virtual servers and game servers. During this expansion, Johann and Onni joined the team, while Kimi disappeared to fulfill his military service.


Upon Kimi's return from the whirlwind of military service, the idea was to take the business to a new level by establishing our own equipment facility, and so we did. Tietokettu's first equipment facility was established in June 2021. It was a great moment, during which Kasper joined us!


This year, we put in hundreds of hours of work to get our equipment facility's electricity and cooling systems up and running smoothly. Eventually, we succeeded and also added a UPS backup power supply.


This year, our equipment facility reached the ultimate speed of a 10Gb/s network, and we achieved the historical milestone of 300 customers! We also changed our operations to operate under the name HD-decor oy corporation.


Dedicated servers are the hottest trend of the year, during which we launched equipment rental and dedicated server rental services.