$2.15 USD Monthly
  • 2Gb diskspace
  • 3pcs databases
  • 3pcs FTP-users
  • 3pcs email address
  • 1,5Tb traffic restriction
  • SSL certificate


$4.87 USD Monthly
  • 20Gb diskspace
  • 100pcs databases
  • 20pcs FTP-users
  • 25pcs email address
  • 4,5Tb traffic restriction
  • SSL certificate


$9.76 USD Monthly
  • 40Gb diskspace
  • 500pcs databases
  • 50pcs FTP-users
  • 150pcs email address
  • 10Tb traffic restriction
  • SSL certificate


$17.06 USD Monthly
  • 80Gb diskspace
  • unlimited databases
  • unlimited FTP-users
  • unlimited email address
  • unlimited traffic restriction
  • SSL certificate

Antivirus protection

Usually, if anti-virus protection is not mentioned in the package's features, it either doesn't exist at all or it costs a lot. With us, it's included in every package at no extra cost! Safety is important to us!


Every package includes free backups, so you don't have to pay extra for them! Nothing is more important than keeping your data safe in an emergency.

Wordpress -support

Each of our packages includes Wordpress support and numerous other applications. Using the app store and WPtoolkit, managing them is easy and requires no coding skills.
One-Click Apps

Launch and manage 400+ apps with single click!

It takes a single click to launch WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart, Magento, Prestashop, or any other favorite content management system (CMS) from a library of 400+ website creation tools.

Webhotelli Suomesta - Wordpress tuki - Cpanel-hallinta - Launch and manage 400+ apps with single click!
Awesome Client Interfaces

Super easy control panel to manage all your services

With our easy-to-use Control Panel, you can manage all of your products in one place. From servers and websites to mailboxes and billing, you can have things set up in no time and edit your settings with just a few clicks.
Webhotelli Suomesta - Wordpress tuki - Cpanel-hallinta - Super easy control panel to manage all your services
How Can I Use Shared Hosting?

Hosting packages are great for loads of projects, whatever your skill level

Webhotelli Suomesta - Wordpress tuki - Cpanel-hallinta - Open Online Store
Webhotelli Suomesta - Wordpress tuki - Cpanel-hallinta - Small Business Website
Webhotelli Suomesta - Wordpress tuki - Cpanel-hallinta - Install WordPress
Develop With Ease

What does our web hosting offer for product developers?

Host Multiple Sites

Add as many additional sites as you need with Premium and Business packages. Optimize your hosting fees by grouping less resource-intensive sites under one account.

NodeJS -support

Develop your favorite web application with today's popular NodeJS programming language. Our web hosting also comes with PHP, Python and Ruby based solutions.


Restore backups with one click or restore only part of a backup? All these are choices that you can choose in our web hosting. All backups except application store backups are also stored on a separate server.

FTP- and SSH-access

SSH and FTP connections are also available to use the services. Our service also supports out-of-the-box GIT integration, so you can develop your applications hand in hand with Git.

Multiple PHP-versions

Unlike in many web hotels, with us you can choose your own PHP version for your pages and choose the add-ons to be installed on it yourself. Even if you only have one web host, you can choose completely different add-ons and versions for them. Unfortunately, this good feature is missing from many Webhostels.

Manage Users

Cpanel offers the ability to create and manage subusers to give your team different levels of access to files. This is a very good feature when there are several developers in the project.

Migrate Your Website

Do you want help transferring pages?

We at Tietokettu will be happy to help you transfer pages and e-mails from your old service. We will schedule a maintenance break for you, during which we will transfer your pages, e-mail and other files to our service. You can also do this yourself if you want, but if you want this as a service. We do all this for only €50. If you are interested, contact us or create an auxiliary suit.

Did you run into a problem while installing the product and need help with it?

No worries, we are happy to serve you and help you with problems with your product. However, we do not solve problems related to third-party applications, such as why the Wordpress plugin thing X does not work or why the application I installed on the server does not work as it should. In these matters, you should contact your technical contact or alternatively we can agree on a support contract according to your needs. Why not solve your problems together!
Webhotelli Suomesta - Wordpress tuki - Cpanel-hallinta - Did you run into a problem while installing the product and need help with it?

Frequently asked questions

What is webhost?

A web host is a web server where web pages are maintained so that the web pages are visible to everyone. Without website maintenance, the pages are not open to the internet. In addition to the web hotel, you also need a domain name, such as, so that the web hotel has its own home address. When your website has a home address and the place to which the home address points, i.e. the web host, your website is ready for action.

Did you have questions and couldn't find an answer to your questions?

In this situation, you should contact us directly so that we can find a solution that suits you together.