When should you get a dedicated server?

1 High Performance

When the project requires a lot of ram memory and CPU power, that is when a dedicated server machine is the only option. Performance is not a problem!

2 Centralization of operations

Why get a lot of virtual servers, when you can create and manage virtual machines yourself with, for example, a dedicated server machine? In this case, you can scale and build your infrastructure exactly according to your needs and save money.

3 A scalable entity

You can get a lot of different server configurations from us and don't hesitate to ask for a quote. We can also tail a device for your needs, creating the most suitable product package for you.

Versatile control

A good control panel is the requirement for the best dedicated server

From the control panel of our dedicated servers, you can install, shut down and start your server remotely. You also get access to a KVM connection for maintenance work. We also have a really wide selection of different operating systems, such as Windows, Ubuntu, Proxmox, Almalinux and much more!

Dedicated Servers - A good control panel is the requirement for the best dedicated server

Support for virtual machines

All our dedicated servers are well suited for running virtual machines and with your request, we sell additional IPv4 addresses for 2€/month.

Possibility to update the configuration

Have you ordered or are you about to order a service? Would you like to customize your package now or in the future? Our customer service will be happy to serve you in these situations. So a customized package is not a problem!

IPv4 and IPv6 address!

All packages include one IPv4 address and one IPv6 address. Contact support if you want to order more of these.


Every dedicated server includes these features

Automatic installations

You can automatically install a new operating system on your machine at any time. So you don't have to wait until we do it.

Fast network connection

Stay in your lane and use your device quickly. Each package includes a 1Gb/s network, which can be upgraded to a faster one if desired. Contact customer service in this situation and inquire about the price.

Remote control

Manage the operating system with the help of a KVM connection, which also allows you to use remotely installable ISO media, so that you can install exactly the system on the machine when you want.

RAID protection for data

On a dedicated server, you are responsible for keeping your data safe. We also help you with that by bringing options for sale with RAID protection enabled.

Network connection monitoring

Monitor and manage your server's network/resource usage. Then you know how many resources you need to use.

ILO/IDrack management

Possibility to control the settings of the server's motherboard with ILO/IDrack! It makes management easy and fun!

Operating systems

Multiple operating systems for you

Dedicated Servers - CentOS


Dedicated Servers - Debian


Dedicated Servers - CoreOS


Dedicated Servers - Ubuntu


Dedicated Servers - FreeBSD


Dedicated Servers - Upload Custom

Upload Custom

Dedicated Servers - Windows


Dedicated Servers - Fedora


Dedicated Servers - Archlinux


Dedicated Servers - openSUSE


Dedicated Servers - OpenBSD


Dedicated Servers - AlmaLinux


Not sure which server is best for your business? Get in touch today!

Frequently asked questions

What operating systems are available for servers?

We offer Debian, Ubuntu, AlmaLinux, CentOS, and Fedora by default. For Windows or other alternatives, you'll need to inquire with support to have them installed for you.

Did you have questions and couldn't find an answer to your questions?

In this situation, you should contact us directly so that we can find a solution that suits you together.