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Kimi Syrjä

Kimi is the founder of the company and is responsible for the company's marketing and information technology. CONTACT INFORMATION
+358 442042526

Kasper Rajamäki

Kasper is a customer service representative, that is always lighting fast there and here! CONTACT INFORMATION
+358 402188365

Johann Koivunen

Johann is our customer service representative and he is always ready to help! CONTACT INFORMATION
+358 456469922

Onni Kontiokorpi

Onni is a company technician, he does not miss a single error message. CONTACT INFORMATION

You here?

Would you be interested in working with a computer? CONTACT INFORMATION

You here?

Would you be interested in working with a computer? CONTACT INFORMATION

What is Tietokettu?

Tietokettu is a company founded in 2019 that produces online services for companies and consumers. The services include various servers, website design and implementation, building information networks, maintenance services and consulting. We offer our services with more than five years of solid experience in various server systems, website projects and information systems. In our opinion, the strength of our service is high-quality and fast product support and competitive pricing. For this reason, we dare to claim that your services could run perfectly in our service. Contact us and we will make your dreams come true!



We contact the customer or arrange a meeting with her to discuss her needs.


We have a lot of product packages from small to large, which makes our service adapt to every customer.

Raw model

Based on the customer's wishes, we make a raw model of the desired product, and we strive to make it the most scalable plan


Together, we examine the raw model and tailor it to the customer's appearance according to her wishes.

Fine adjustment

We make small finishing touches to the final product and make sure that the product works as expected and we try to look for possible problems.


If the product pleases the customer and no major problems have arisen in using the product, the product is ready to be published!