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website maintenance

Webhosting allows you to maintain your websites easily and cheaply, which also includes an email service. Remember that you will also need your own domain to set up a website




For personal use 2,00 24,00 Offer

  • SSL certificate
  • 2Gb diskspace
  • 3pcs databases
  • 3pcs FTP-users
  • 3pcs email address
  • 1.5Tb traffic restriction


For small projects 4,98 50,00 Offer

  • SSL certificate
  • 20Gb diskspace
  • 100pcs databases
  • 20pcs FTP-users
  • 25pcs email address
  • 4.5Tb traffic restriction


For companies and hobbies 9,98 100,00 Offer

  • SSL certificate
  • 40Gb diskspace
  • 500pcs databases
  • 50pcs FTP-users
  • 150pcs email address
  • 10Tb traffic restriction


For huge influencers 17,45 170,00 Offer

  • SSL certificate
  • 80Gb diskspace
  • ∞ databases
  • ∞ FTP-users
  • ∞ email address
  • ∞ traffic restriction


Fast support.

Tietokettu's support helping you everyday. You can contact support to discord, e-mail, ticket and you can call.


You do not need to buy a separate support service because all customers are equally important to us!


We have a lot of product packages from small to large, which makes our service adapt to every customer.

Technical qualification

Often, customer service is only responsible for sales, but we also have information technology skills for support situations.

Wide selection

Thanks to a wide range of products, you may want to order all services from us to avoid extra adjustment between different service providers.

Product Guarantee

If for some reason the product does not work as expected, we will not charge for a period when the product has been in unusable condition.

Mostly asked Questions

What is webhost?

A web host is a web server where web pages are maintained so that the web pages are visible to everyone. Without website maintenance, the pages are not open to the internet. In addition to the web hotel, you also need a domain name, such as www.tietokettu.net, so that the web hotel has its own home address. When your website has a home address and the place to which the home address points, i.e. the web host, your website is ready for action.

Can you have Wordpress pages in webhost?

Yes, you can install as many Wordpresses on your web hosting as you want. You should still remember that the differences between the packages come in how much disk space your package has. If you run out of disk space, your services will no longer work normally and you will no longer be able to install more web applications.

What management system do webhostels use?

Currently, the two dominant management systems are Cpanel and Plesk, but we prefer and use Cpanel.

Does maintaining the pages include email addresses?

Yes, all web hosting products include a feature that allows you to create your own emails. Once the email accounts are created, you can link the accounts to work in a way in outloot, Thunder bird or google gmail application.

Can you host multiple websites on a web host?

Yes, if there is enough storage space. We do not limit the number of sites.

How can I transfer my page to Tietokettu?

If you wish to transfer your website to Tietokettu, it's advisable to contact our customer service directly by phone or by reaching out via email. We also offer website and related data transfer services for a small service fee, and we provide assistance with email setup at no additional cost.